New Facebook Emojis Are Here!

You asked for it! Now it’s here!

Facebook New Emojis

Today Facebook released new emojis that allows users to express their reactions beyond the universal thumbs-up. Over 1.5 billion users will now be able to show their thoughts and feelings with these emojis: like, love, haha, wow, sad, or angry (USAToday, 2016). This is great for when the “like” button just isn’t appropriate, like when someone has lost a loved one, is depressed, or stressed. We type out all of our emotions all the time, but now simply sending an emoji makes it much easier, faster, and more fun. It creates a simpler and quick way for those on the go who don’t have the time to type how happy or ecstatic we are on a friend’s post. Facebook has once again found a way to make our lives easier with the new emojis.

I had to try the feature out for myself and I FBLoveEmoji it!

Let us know how much you LikeEmoji the new facebook emojis.

Shontelle Flowers,
Blog Contributor

For more information about the new Facebook emojis, check out the link below:
FB Emoji Reactions

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