Welcome to the newly redesigned Capella ACM TechNews blog. As you can see the Capella ACM web development team has made several changes to the website and one of those changes is implementing a new blog format. The intent of this blog is to keep our readers connected with the Capella ACM chapter as well as staying informed about the exciting and ever-changing world of information technology and computing machinery. Each blog post is authored by the Capella ACM web development team members Shontelle Flowers and Cierra Ortiz. We are very excited excited about the new blog and it is our sincere hope our readers use this blog as a valuable resource for their academic and professional needs. We look forward to your feedback regarding the new and improved Capella ACM TechNews blog. You can submit your feedback by going to ‘Take Me to The Survey’ link, which will be posted to our newly designed website at http://capella.acm.org very soon.

Please take a moment to explore our new website and be sure to check back regularly for new blog posts. We will be adding new blog posts weekly so be sure to visit us every Tuesday for TechNews. You can expect to see blog posts discussing topics ranging from Social Media, the latest Technology Advancements, IT career development and other IT-related topics. .

Once again, please complete our IT blog survey. Your opinions matter to us and we want to hear from you! We strongly encourage you to complete the survey so we can ensure that the content of our blogs are meeting the needs of our readers. If there are topics of interest to you that you would like to see on the Capella ACM blog, please feel free to send us an email at .

On behalf of the Capella ACM Web Development team, we welcome you to the Capella ACM TechNews blog. We look forward to providing you with insightful blog topics that align with your personal and professional interests in to information technology.

Shontelle Flowers, MS
Blog Contributor

2 thoughts on “Welcome!”

    1. Hello Terri,

      We have recently changed the design of our website at capella.acm.org and some features are under construction. We are working on bringing our members a better user experience. As soon as the survey becomes available again, I will let you know. Thank your for leaving a comment about your concern.

      Cierra Ortiz
      Blog Contributor
      Web Development Team Lead

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