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We’re Back!

We were busy putting the pieces together!puzzle_people
The Capella University ACM Student Chapter was on quite a hiatus. Nevertheless, we are back with new officers in charge. The CUACM Student Chapter has appointed new officers.

Chairperson: William Breckenridge
Vice Chairperson: Stephanie Hammond
Treasurer: Michelle Traveler
Dr. Bernard Sharum, as Faculty Advisor, continues to oversee the student chapter as he always has since the very beginning.

William Breckenridge, CUACM Student Chapter Chairperson, Dr. Valerie Mills an IT FlexPath Tutor at Capella University, and Cierra Ortiz, former CUACM Student Chapter Chairperson are blog contributors.

Every quarter the chapter hosts a general meeting with a key speaker. In the past, we’ve had Dr. Joel Fulton, CISO of Splunk, Dr. Sue Way, a member of the Minnesota Career Development Association and the National Association of Colleges and Employers who provides counseling career services to alumni and students in the IT and Psychology fields of study, and Dr. Kondo Litchmore, a Capella Alumni who also has a vast knowledge and experience in the many facet s of  IT.

Check frequently to be in-the-know of our scheduled meetings with key speakers. You never know who we’ll have show up!

Cierra Ortiz
Blog Contributor